Oh my gosh I am so not ready for this… OH sorry, I was just
  talking to myself. If you were wondering the thing I’m not ready for is the
  Christmas play my school is putting on, BTW the play we’re doing is the
  Christmas Carol. The parts I have are: Mr. Fezziwig, Mrs. Oliver and a beggar.
  But the thing my friends and I think is really weird is the fact that all the
6/7 students have to be zombies and dance to Thriller… I know weird right?
Another thing I find weird is I’m a girl and I’m playing a man. :| But I think
that the girls playing Tiny Tim are perfect for the part because well their
TINY! Well not very tiny but not as tall as most fourth graders are. I’m just
worried that at the two or three dress rehearsals I’ll make fun of myself by
screwing up my lines. Well I guess I’ll just have to see how it goes in
December. Well bye for now!


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