Christmas is important to me because it’s a special time to spend
time with my family and being thankful for being blessed with such a wonderful
family. Like for example my family is thankful because around this time last
year my oldest brother was as sick as a dog. But this is also time to think
about the reason why we have Christmas, Jesus’ birth! One of the special things
my family does is every Christmas Eve my family goes to my aunt and uncle’s
house or my grandparents, aunt and uncle come to our house to open up presents
from each other. Another thing my family does is my mom, dad, brothers, sister
and I open up new pajamas, then we all put them on and my mom and dad take
pictures of us. What my mom and aunt did when they were younger is my nana would
wait until they were asleep on Christmas Eve to put on a special Christmas
ornament: a pickle. Then in the morning if my mom found it first she could open
her presents first and vice versa with my aunt. That is why Christmas is
important to me.


Mrs. Kirr (IL)
12/18/2012 3:15pm

How sweet!
I just found out about the pickle ornament a couple of years ago - I now have one on my tree for my niece and nephew to look for. We'll see who finds it first this year.
I love the tradition of new pajamas - there's a 7th grade science teacher who has the same tradition at my school!
Enjoy your time with family this year and always!


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