OMG!!!! Today was so much fun! All the
grade 6/7 classes in my school went to Castle Fun Park. It was so much fun!
Mostly I hung out with my friends Noob tuber, Hello Bunny, Social Butterfly,
Monroe, Tweetie Gal, Katniss and many others. What Tweetie, Tarantula and I did was play the Jungle Mini-Golf. It was so much fun!!!! Tweetie
and I got a couple of hole-in-ones but Tarantula didn't. What Marilyn , Hello
Bunny, Social Butterfly, Noob Tuber and I did was play the Coral Mini-Golf. The
difference between the Coral and Jungle Mini-Golf is the coral one is
under-water themed and the jungle one is jungle themed but there were dinosaurs
there so my friends and I were just like what the… But anyways we had a lot of
fun. I ran out of money really quickly because I wasted it all on skee-ball and
playing a Guitar Hero game. But I couldn’t play skee-ball with Marilyn  because
there was a game were you have to throw basketballs into the hoops and there was
a clown on the machine and Marilyn  is pretty much deathly afraid of clowns so…
yeah. The first thing I did was go on the bumper cars with Hello Bunny, Social
Butterfly and Marilyn   It was sooooo much fun!!!! I played almost all of the
games that we could get free with our cards, I played on the bumper cars, in the
batting cages and mini-golf. I also went on the merry go round with my friends a
few times. Even though people think it’s lame and babyish it’s kinda fun! Aside
from my friends ditching me it was AWESOME!!!! See you next week!


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