Recently, our class watched a video about bullying by a Canadian poet Shane Koyczan. I related a lot to this video because I have been bullied multiple times the last couple of years. But, after everything that’s happened I’ve learned that I’ve grown stronger from all of the bullying.

One of the things I connected to was when the girl was called ugly because of the birthmark on the side of her face. She didn’t think that she was beautiful, even though she had a loving husband and two kids who believe the definition of beauty begins with mom. I have been called ugly, dog, freak, etc. and even though all of my friends say otherwise to that I still don’t believe them because of those hurtful words.

          Also, I related to when Shane had fallen out of the tree as a child and got the nickname “Pork Chop” because, in grade four I fell off of my bike, cut my lip and got the nickname “Chocolate Face.” They called me that when they saw me on the playground during school. I could also relate to when he said that words hurt more than broken bones because I got called fat so, I decided to stop eating so he wouldn’t call me fat again but it just made me really sick instead.

          I sometimes feel as if the bullies have taken over my life so I’m not myself sometimes but I’m trying to overcome all of this and stand up for myself instead of letting them walk all over me. Also, I found this quote that connects to part of the video: “If you call a girl beautiful she’ll believe it for a moment. If you call a girl ugly she’ll believe it for a lifetime.”

Shane wanted us to realize with this video that the bullying does not have to destroy you and that you can become stronger; every day isn’t terrible and it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Bullying is horrible and needs to stop but kids need to be strong. This video really hit me hard and I hope it did for the rest of my peers.


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