Hey have you ever been to the corn maze? I did last night with the kids club group at my church went to the Corn Maze. In two words I can tell you how it was: it SUCKED! The maze stunk because I got tons of mud water in both of my boots, we got lost and the corn maze was cold but the best part about it was that I told everybody scary stories.  The people I told the stories to almost peed their pants they were so scared! The drive there was really long and akward because my dad took me and we can’t really talk about anything because well he’s my DAD! Well in the corn maze we couldn’t really see anything because of how dark it was. Another thing that made it stink was that my flashlight died half-way through the FIRST part of the maze so I had to use someone else’s flash-light. I think it died because I accidently dropped the battery of the flash-light in a HUGE mud puddle and it got super muddy and gross. Well that’s all that happened. BYE!


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