Um, hey you guys. You know how last week I talked about the 6/7
students dancing to thriller? Well I found out yesterday that the grade 7s get
to dance to thriller and the grade 6s have to waltz. With a boy, and if you
  don’t know what a waltz is it’s when you and your partner has to hold hands
  with your left hand, the boy has to put his right hand on the girls’ hip and
  the girls’ right is on the boys’ shoulder. After that the duo has to walk in a
  circle 4 times like this (the words in capitals is when you have to stomp and
  the normal words is when you walk normally) : RIGHT, left, right, LEFT, right,
left, RIGHT, left, right, LEFT, right and left. After you do that the boy has to
  twirl the girl a few times and finally the girl curtsies and the boy bows. Also
  a couple of days ago I learned the square dancing I have to do as Mr.Fezziwig.
  Oh and PLEASE don’t make me explain it. It was super complicated so I can’t.
Another thing is I don’t really like who I’m waltzing is because he has the same
  attention span as a goldfish because when we were practicing he started out fine but then he randomly starts dancing like a crab!
Yeah I said it, and a goldfish has a 2 second
attention span. Well I’ll talk to you next week!


Mrs. Kirr
12/02/2012 2:32pm

Oh, how I love to waltz! I always thought of it as... ONE two three, ONE two three... I had a dance partner one time at a country dance place who did NOT know how to listen to the beat. Even the band noticed and started saying "ONE two three!" Yikes! It was still fun, though.

I'm sorry your partner has the attention span of a goldfish! ;-) Maybe when you get a partner you choose some day, instead of one chosen for you, you'll like it better. I bet if a boy asked YOU to dance, his attention would be on you, and not the dance. So either way, it might get messed up! But that's okay - enjoy the dancing when you can!

One more thing - when you get older, you can find places that are just for dancing - line dancing is popular here in Illinois. I love it, because you don't need a partner, and it has a specific step routine, but you can change it up once you get it memorized. Enjoy!

12/02/2012 3:41pm

Wow. Thank-you Mrs.Kirr! I also hope my partner doesn't mess up the performance in a few weeks. Thank-you again!

12/04/2012 3:28pm

I think it is funny that the grade 7s get to do the thriller. I thought they would do the waltz because they wouldn't be able to do it later. The thriller is really cool and same with the waltz.

12/04/2012 7:08pm

I was totally suprised when we did the waltz I totally didnt see this coming at all I love your Journal. Thank you for explaining the dance by the way. I have 1 question Who is doing the squar dance ?

12/05/2012 7:37am

Thank-you Holly. Also the grade 3/4s are square dancing.


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