Earlier this week, I heard about a little boy
named Ronan Thompson. He got diagnosed with neuroblastoma cancer stage 1V on
August 12th 2010. Ronan
was only 3 when this happened. His parents and older siblings did everything in
their power they could to help him He was a sweet little boy with so much energy
to spare. He was bubbly, funny and the missing puzzle piece to his family. He
went through many, many procedures to get rid of his cancer, but unfortunately
this little bundle of joy died on May 9th 2011 which was 3 days before his
birthday, May 12th. I
would like you all to take just one moment of silence for this little boy and
his family who lost their final puzzle piece. Rest in paradise Ronan. Here are
some links to two websites about Ronan. http://www.theronanthompsonfoundation.com/about/ronan http://rockstarronan.com/.


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