Remembrance Day is on November the eleventh because that is the
day WW1 ended, it ended since the two sides signed a peace treaty so they
  stopped fighting at exactly 11:00 A.M. on the eleventh day of the eleventh
  month. The people we are recognizing are the people who fought and died in WW1
  and WW2, it just so happens that my great grandmas brother fought against
  Hitler in WW2. Two of the items that are connected to Remembrance Day are  poppies and paper cranes. The poppies are important because during WW1 poppies
  began to bloom in Flanders Fields where the war was going on and the paper
  cranes are important because they represent the story of Sadako Sasaki who got
  diagnosed with leukemia in November 1954 from the atomic bomb America dropped
  in Japan ending WW2 in 1945, she got hospitalized on February 21 1955 and given
  a year at most to live. On August 3 1955 her best friend Chizuko Hamamoto
visited her and told her ,after folding a black paper crane, an ancient Japanese
story that said if you fold one thousand origami paper cranes you will be
granted a wish from the gods. Sadako only made it to 644 paper cranes before she
died on October 25 1955 at the age of 12. It is important to continue to
recognize Remembrance Day because we are giving our respect to the soldiers in
heaven that died fighting for our freedom in WW1 and WW2. We “celebrate” it
because it was a happy and important day for all the families that had family
members fighting in the war, but it was a grim and solemn day for the families
that they had found out that one of their closest friends or family members had
passed away. Here is a link to the story of Sadako http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sadako_Sasaki.


Judy Moody
11/13/2012 9:23pm

I think that next time maybe try to hook the reader more like " Have you ever thought to yourself: why is remembrance day on November 11? what is so special about that?" Also I love how you went through the whole story about the girl in Japan instead of just saying "oh there was a story about a girl that made paper cranes" Maybe there is a link that you could add of the story of that girl in Japan. I enjoyed how you answered allot of questions about remembrance day but next time if you answer question ask the question first like " have you ever wondered why (the ?)" that would make it more interesting. I had a hard time reading it because of the font not the colour but the marker font.

11/14/2012 6:41pm

Thank-you for the feed back Judy I really appreciate it.


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