Well, I guess it's about time to say goodbye to all of you. But don't worry! I'll be back in September with another website all about my year in grade seven and I promise I'll set up a link to that website once I get it put up when I get back to school. :)) Well goodbye everyone. I'll miss you!!! <3 :)))

       Recently, our class watched a video about bullying by a Canadian poet Shane Koyczan. I related a lot to this video because I have been bullied multiple times the last couple of years. But, after everything that’s happened I’ve learned that I’ve grown stronger from all of the bullying.

One of the things I connected to was when the girl was called ugly because of the birthmark on the side of her face. She didn’t think that she was beautiful, even though she had a loving husband and two kids who believe the definition of beauty begins with mom. I have been called ugly, dog, freak, etc. and even though all of my friends say otherwise to that I still don’t believe them because of those hurtful words.

          Also, I related to when Shane had fallen out of the tree as a child and got the nickname “Pork Chop” because, in grade four I fell off of my bike, cut my lip and got the nickname “Chocolate Face.” They called me that when they saw me on the playground during school. I could also relate to when he said that words hurt more than broken bones because I got called fat so, I decided to stop eating so he wouldn’t call me fat again but it just made me really sick instead.

          I sometimes feel as if the bullies have taken over my life so I’m not myself sometimes but I’m trying to overcome all of this and stand up for myself instead of letting them walk all over me. Also, I found this quote that connects to part of the video: “If you call a girl beautiful she’ll believe it for a moment. If you call a girl ugly she’ll believe it for a lifetime.”

Shane wanted us to realize with this video that the bullying does not have to destroy you and that you can become stronger; every day isn’t terrible and it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Bullying is horrible and needs to stop but kids need to be strong. This video really hit me hard and I hope it did for the rest of my peers.

Earlier this week, I heard about a little boy
named Ronan Thompson. He got diagnosed with neuroblastoma cancer stage 1V on
August 12th 2010. Ronan
was only 3 when this happened. His parents and older siblings did everything in
their power they could to help him He was a sweet little boy with so much energy
to spare. He was bubbly, funny and the missing puzzle piece to his family. He
went through many, many procedures to get rid of his cancer, but unfortunately
this little bundle of joy died on May 9th 2011 which was 3 days before his
birthday, May 12th. I
would like you all to take just one moment of silence for this little boy and
his family who lost their final puzzle piece. Rest in paradise Ronan. Here are
some links to two websites about Ronan. http://www.theronanthompsonfoundation.com/about/ronan http://rockstarronan.com/.

Christmas is important to me because it’s a special time to spend
time with my family and being thankful for being blessed with such a wonderful
family. Like for example my family is thankful because around this time last
year my oldest brother was as sick as a dog. But this is also time to think
about the reason why we have Christmas, Jesus’ birth! One of the special things
my family does is every Christmas Eve my family goes to my aunt and uncle’s
house or my grandparents, aunt and uncle come to our house to open up presents
from each other. Another thing my family does is my mom, dad, brothers, sister
and I open up new pajamas, then we all put them on and my mom and dad take
pictures of us. What my mom and aunt did when they were younger is my nana would
wait until they were asleep on Christmas Eve to put on a special Christmas
ornament: a pickle. Then in the morning if my mom found it first she could open
her presents first and vice versa with my aunt. That is why Christmas is
important to me.

OMG!!!! Today was so much fun! All the
grade 6/7 classes in my school went to Castle Fun Park. It was so much fun!
Mostly I hung out with my friends Noob tuber, Hello Bunny, Social Butterfly,
Monroe, Tweetie Gal, Katniss and many others. What Tweetie, Tarantula and I did was play the Jungle Mini-Golf. It was so much fun!!!! Tweetie
and I got a couple of hole-in-ones but Tarantula didn't. What Marilyn , Hello
Bunny, Social Butterfly, Noob Tuber and I did was play the Coral Mini-Golf. The
difference between the Coral and Jungle Mini-Golf is the coral one is
under-water themed and the jungle one is jungle themed but there were dinosaurs
there so my friends and I were just like what the… But anyways we had a lot of
fun. I ran out of money really quickly because I wasted it all on skee-ball and
playing a Guitar Hero game. But I couldn’t play skee-ball with Marilyn  because
there was a game were you have to throw basketballs into the hoops and there was
a clown on the machine and Marilyn  is pretty much deathly afraid of clowns so…
yeah. The first thing I did was go on the bumper cars with Hello Bunny, Social
Butterfly and Marilyn   It was sooooo much fun!!!! I played almost all of the
games that we could get free with our cards, I played on the bumper cars, in the
batting cages and mini-golf. I also went on the merry go round with my friends a
few times. Even though people think it’s lame and babyish it’s kinda fun! Aside
from my friends ditching me it was AWESOME!!!! See you next week!

Um, hey you guys. You know how last week I talked about the 6/7
students dancing to thriller? Well I found out yesterday that the grade 7s get
to dance to thriller and the grade 6s have to waltz. With a boy, and if you
  don’t know what a waltz is it’s when you and your partner has to hold hands
  with your left hand, the boy has to put his right hand on the girls’ hip and
  the girls’ right is on the boys’ shoulder. After that the duo has to walk in a
  circle 4 times like this (the words in capitals is when you have to stomp and
  the normal words is when you walk normally) : RIGHT, left, right, LEFT, right,
left, RIGHT, left, right, LEFT, right and left. After you do that the boy has to
  twirl the girl a few times and finally the girl curtsies and the boy bows. Also
  a couple of days ago I learned the square dancing I have to do as Mr.Fezziwig.
  Oh and PLEASE don’t make me explain it. It was super complicated so I can’t.
Another thing is I don’t really like who I’m waltzing is because he has the same
  attention span as a goldfish because when we were practicing he started out fine but then he randomly starts dancing like a crab!
Yeah I said it, and a goldfish has a 2 second
attention span. Well I’ll talk to you next week!

Oh my gosh I am so not ready for this… OH sorry, I was just
  talking to myself. If you were wondering the thing I’m not ready for is the
  Christmas play my school is putting on, BTW the play we’re doing is the
  Christmas Carol. The parts I have are: Mr. Fezziwig, Mrs. Oliver and a beggar.
  But the thing my friends and I think is really weird is the fact that all the
6/7 students have to be zombies and dance to Thriller… I know weird right?
Another thing I find weird is I’m a girl and I’m playing a man. :| But I think
that the girls playing Tiny Tim are perfect for the part because well their
TINY! Well not very tiny but not as tall as most fourth graders are. I’m just
worried that at the two or three dress rehearsals I’ll make fun of myself by
screwing up my lines. Well I guess I’ll just have to see how it goes in
December. Well bye for now!

Oh my GOSH! I can’t believe it’s only 37 days
‘till Christmas! I’m excited and all except for the fact that I only have 3 or 4
things on my list so far! I have 1D’s new album, and iPod touch, Brave and The
Hunger Games on it. I just don’t know what else to ask for!
Maybe in the
comments you could give me some suggestions for what I should ask for and what
you’re asking for Christmas?
But with my religion, I need to remember what the
true meaning of Christmas is which is the birth of Christ. Another thing that
I’m excited for is the Christmas play my church is putting on and I have an
important part because I’m Gabrielle the angel that told the shepherds that
Jesus was born. Well bye for now!

Remembrance Day is on November the eleventh because that is the
day WW1 ended, it ended since the two sides signed a peace treaty so they
  stopped fighting at exactly 11:00 A.M. on the eleventh day of the eleventh
  month. The people we are recognizing are the people who fought and died in WW1
  and WW2, it just so happens that my great grandmas brother fought against
  Hitler in WW2. Two of the items that are connected to Remembrance Day are  poppies and paper cranes. The poppies are important because during WW1 poppies
  began to bloom in Flanders Fields where the war was going on and the paper
  cranes are important because they represent the story of Sadako Sasaki who got
  diagnosed with leukemia in November 1954 from the atomic bomb America dropped
  in Japan ending WW2 in 1945, she got hospitalized on February 21 1955 and given
  a year at most to live. On August 3 1955 her best friend Chizuko Hamamoto
visited her and told her ,after folding a black paper crane, an ancient Japanese
story that said if you fold one thousand origami paper cranes you will be
granted a wish from the gods. Sadako only made it to 644 paper cranes before she
died on October 25 1955 at the age of 12. It is important to continue to
recognize Remembrance Day because we are giving our respect to the soldiers in
heaven that died fighting for our freedom in WW1 and WW2. We “celebrate” it
because it was a happy and important day for all the families that had family
members fighting in the war, but it was a grim and solemn day for the families
that they had found out that one of their closest friends or family members had
passed away. Here is a link to the story of Sadako http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sadako_Sasaki.

If I could make a wish I would wish for all the bullying in the world to stop. I would wish for bullying to stop because it’s not cool, and people commit suicide because of being bullied. Did you know that every seconds a person is being bullied? Also did you know that less than half of the people being bullied actually report it? Sometimes even teachers and principals don’t do anything about it! All they say to you about it is,” Oh just ask them to stop and I’m sure it’ll go away” but, the thing is: it will probably NOT go away! It ain’t as easy as that! The teachers have to ACTUALLY do something about it! I would say that the kids in my school are lucky because we don’t have teachers or principals like that. But I’m not sure many other schools are as lucky as we are. So that’s what I’d wish for and why I’d wish fit if I had one wish.